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Syo Kurusu/Shou Kurusu/”O-chibi”

Age: 16

Birthday: June 9th

Zodiac sign: Gemini 
Height: 161cm
Weight: 52kg
Blood type: O 
Instrument: Violin
Hobbies: Shopping

He’s one of the ”UtaPri” from Saotome Academy founded by Shinning Saotome, and indeed, Syo works actually for Shinning on his discography company. 

Syo, member of STARISH, the recently and new group of Jpop Music from Shinning Company, is a cheerful and energic boy. With his striking style of clothes, hair and accesories, he’s one of the most strinking but also willing to sing, dance and be friends thanks to his friendly acttitude along close of his tsundere behavior in certain moments. He’s also a lot tsundere and it’s part of his nature. 

It’s a great violin player genious, and also is a huge fan of the actor dorama Ryuuya Hyuuga, who was his teacher in S Class during his period attending at Saotome School. 

Actually on Spica High, Syo’s the Idol and singer of this. Possible future idol and senpai of many there, include he soon could gains fans -boys and girls for the same!