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ship syo with ALL OF THE EVERYONE



ship syo with ALL OF THE EVERYONE


I need you, S!I feel you, T!I miss you, A! I kiss you, R! I believe you, I! I hold you, S! I want you, H!


I need you, S!
I feel you, T!
I miss you, A! 
I kiss you, R! 
I believe you, I! 
I hold you, S! 
I want you, H!

Enamorado (by pancho1278)


Good, already my like list is clean. And I discovered just I have 4 thread’s in progress but 3 just are actives on this account. If someone wants to continue the thread’s we were before, just tell me. I’m glad if you want to rp with this muse too :3 

By the way, I’m going to rp in english and spanish in this account. If you want a rp with both lenguage, feels free to ask me ;3 <3 Love for everyone~ 


Due AURP is going on a long hiatus until May of this year, good, I decided just keeps this muse. I’m going to put Kira as Independent muse because I don’t have much to do with him I want to rp in spanish with him LOL.  —- Not because I had lost his muse, because that’s not the case, but because I want to see if I can pick up other muse from other mecha anime xD lol. *mecha fangirl(?)* 

Syo will keep with us on AURP for long ~ :3 

Feel free to rp with him, and his actually thread’s until now will not change in at all. I’m going to continue with them <3

Nice day~ <3


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Reaching into his pocket, his gloved hand rummaged inside in order to pull out a crumpled piece of paper, gray hues glanced attempted to figure his way around the campus. No matter how many times he tried making his way to a vending machine, he was unable to reach his destination. With his bad sense of direction, he usually needed guidance the first or second time till he was able to reach the actual place. Dusting his Ouran uniform before attempting to find the vending machines, he spotted a few people nearby. Maybe he can ask them for help, since he was certain they knew their way around better than him. Approaching the them, an amicable smile spread across his lips as Allen made a sound in order to gain there attention.

“Um…. Sorry to intrude, but I was wondering where the vending machines are at?” His amicable smile then faltered into a more sheepish one as he scratched his head in an embarrassed manner. “You see, I’ve been trying to locate it for the past hour and a half and I can’t seem to find it. This place is pretty big. Anyway, I’m Allen Walker. Nice to meet you.”


During that whole time, he chose practice his violin practice in the garden between Spica and Ouran, but more throw to Ouran’s campus where the Ochibi-chan knew very-well no one can bother him in at all. This was a quiet place where he can heard every sound which could be around from him. The notes came out from the strings while his fingers adorned with nail polish of black color looked to the naked eye in the light of the Sun. Nothing bad for a morning training as Idol in solitary! 

Syo continued more until just a noise of steps were getting closer to his position and he stopped suddenly to play his instrument to see in that place he wasn’t alone completly because there was other person. A guy, with white short hair. Albino rather, and with a friendly smile adorning his facial expression. Also he looked  lost with the place. ”Huh? Oh, no! D-Don’t worry! I was closer to finish my piece… Eh? Vending machines?! I think I can help you a little bit”  Syo said, trying to the albino got calm down from his shyness and the blonde Idol returned that friendly smile of the same way. ”Are you a foreiger, aren’t you? My name is Syo. Syo Kurusu, Yoroshiku shimazu~!” Finally introducing himself, with a smirk. 

Discovering ST☆RISH || Kazuma & Syo.



 Kazu went silent through Syo’s little freak out about his lack of knowledge. This boy certainly had a passion and he was beginning to wonder if he offended Syo by accident. He didn’t mean to. It was all Kazu knew!

 He nodded as Syo calmed down and gave him a diagnosis; complete basic music training. He was rather glad he wasn’t taking the music course. He would fail before the first day was over.

 ”Hai,” he said with a nod. “Eto…” He was at a loss for what to say, but he figured that with Syo teaching him, it should be easy enough. “So, we start with melody then?” He tilted his head.

 He had no idea where Syo was going with it, but Syo was his best friend and Kazu would put complete trust in him.

Now he was thinking about how to teach the feelings which brings the melody when someone listened a instrument, a instrumental version, a voice, a noise… Then Syo remembered as well the simple sounds. That could be a little ”solution” before Kazuma started to learn how to feel the most beautiful feeling in his heart.

So when the formed blonde asked for his first task to do, Syo smiled softly to him. He felt now pity to scared him with his freacking out mood of before. ”Well! Start with something simple, Kazu!” The Idol said to his best friend while stared his light-blue eyes to other part of the room, trying to pick up the sounds of that space, such as the bobbin noise leaking or the birds outside — so, his hand turned off the TV to made more easy his best friend’s initial task! 

”Try to listen the sounds of outside, from the birds, here inside… Even your voice and mine as well. I’ll sing for you but you must recognized the the acute and serious level from the rest of them. So, are you ready?” So, Syo started to sing closer to Kazu, hugging him by behind and doing it in one of his ears, making of this form, the other kept free to the blonde with white hat used it to the exercise.

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“Ah, please, you may call me Shizuka, Syo-san! Kawai is what people call my mom!” She giggled softly, pushing her hair out of her face. Already, she like Syo, he seemed kind and gentle. Hopefully, they’d be friends.

She nodded in response to his question.

“Yep, I just got here on Saturday!And you, Syo-san? Have you been at Spica long?”

”Huh? Really? Then… is like an nicknamed?” He asked, blinked like he felt like a silly one. Good, the Idol was feeling like one right now but he can’t admit it so easily because the tsundere living inside of his being. ”Heheh, then welcome at the campus, Shizuka-chan” 


She looked like an gentle and simpathy girl and he hoped took along with her being like this the things which were showing before him. ”Huh? Syo-san? Just call me Syo. Everyone does it, except the fans. And I’ve been in Spica High since 8 months, if my calculations aren’t bad in at all”.

I’m NOT a girl! [Kazuma & Syo]


Kazu didn’t answer Syo’s question. He had weird feeling something would happen if he told him… So he just slept through the train ride with his best friend, falling asleep much faster than he intended.

 In fact, he didn’t even intend to fall asleep… He sifted through a small, unrecallable dream involving snow and the color blue, when he was awoken by Syo. He blinked and woke himself up as quickly as he could. “Eh? We’re here. Oh!”

 He stood up, almost a little too fast, and he turned to Syo. “C’mon, before they move on without us.” He lead the idol out the train door and looked around the dock. He paused, blinked and turned to Syo. “I guess we better find a map. I haven’t been to Ikebukuro before.”

 He walked over to a rather large map of the city, provided for foreigners and lost people. He pointed to where they were and then pointed to Sunshine 60. “There,” he said. “We just walk that way, make a right, and a left, and we’re there!”


When his best friend finally was awaken up for the Idol, he smiled as well and nodded at him in response. They finally was there and a long fun day was waiting for them, in the strange ”adventure” of Kurusu and Mikura. 

”Yeah! We are, sleeping beauty” He kidding, also stood up in his place and going ahead, chasing the white hat while his hand was keeping his own on his head, leaning at the station finally and the train starting to went away behind their backs. Kazu instantly found a map when he mentioned about needed one and Syo followed him so closer, trying to walk carefully there. The blonde Ochibi-chan remembered one time he was there with his siblings after STARISH’s debut and this wasn’t a great surprise if they ending found an STARISH’s promotional poster of the boys.

”Never you were here before? Ma, ma! I guess you need my help…” Syo sighed out  when he was looking at Kazu checking out a map was there, for foreign and lost people around. Also the blonde shorter staring at the map and the indications of his best friend and once again, the Pink Prince sighed out. ”Well! We’re on the right direction, according this. Just we need be carefully while we’re here, Kazu. Let’s see! In Ikebukuro is so easily people can recognized famous persons…” He started to explain while he held the arm of Kazu and walked towards the indications before the other mentioned. Certainly, Syo was hoping for not draw the attention of everyone there while they were in that big and shinning city but no one can’t give them gurantees about this… So, Syo was talking in down voice like he was telling a secret to Kazu to not draw the attention around.


(Source: princetsunderekurusu)